- Severe thunderstorm outlook, real-time weather radar and MSLP maps also available

Metvuw - Weather models and rain radar data. Provided by the School of Geography, Geology and Earth Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Site run by James McGregor

CRT - Weather forecasts from Blueskies Weather

Weather Watch - Run by Philip Duncan, Weather Watch brings you the latest weather news from around New Zealand and the world

NOAA - Landcare Research Satellite

Weatherzone - Satellite images with lightning overlay

NZ RASP - High resolution glider pilot weather model, I believe the raw data used to make the model do what it does is from GFS

AVN - Weather model (GFS data)

AVN - Reanalysis model

ARL - GFS Weather model

NRFA - National Rural Fire Association, daily weather observations around 1 or 2pm from all over New Zealand

Skywatcher - Steven Graham's website with lightning information

NZ Weather Forum - The New Zealand Weather Forum

The weather prediction - The ultimate weather education website

Geoff Cloake - Fine Art Photography Prints & Stock Images of New Zealand Landscapes, Nature & People.

Geoff Mackley - World renown natural disaster cameraman from New Zealand!

Dave Ellem Lightscapes - Friend Dave Ellem from Byron Bay in Australia, amazing storm and landscape photographer

Downunder chasing - Website by Anthony Cornelius in Australia, be sure to check out his photographs and weather education section if you want to learn more about thunderstorms!

NZServers - NZservers LTD is a technology company founded in 1997 with the purpose of providing technical content and hosting solutions to the Australasian market